The Streetlight‘s Editorial Team

The Streetlight’s Joshua Trifari, McKenna Samson, and Hannah Keyes at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. Photo by Jared Kofsky/The Streetlight.

Annette Espinoza – Editor-in-Chief

Annette Espinoza is a Senior at The College of New Jersey where she studies Political Science and serves as the Editor-in-Chef of The Streetlight. Previously, Annette was the Artwork and Poetry Editor of The Wall, where she selected and edited the artwork and poetry that was published in every issue. Annette works closely alongside local artists and organizations to find pieces that reflect the lively spirit of the Trenton community and its residents. She hopes that her work will help capture the passions of communities that struggle to be seen and heard.

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Jared Kofsky – Managing Editor

Jared Kofsky is a Junior studying Communications and Public Policy at The College of New Jersey. As the Managing Editor, he is involved with a variety of aspects of the publication, including generating story ideas, writing investigative pieces, editing The Streetlight‘s website, updating the Mercer County Resource Guide, and coordinating the distribution of the print copy to over 60 sites throughout Mercer and Bucks Counties. Jared hopes to spotlight the powerful work of the organizations and individuals working to combat homelessness in the Capital Region and to make The Streetlight accessible to as many Trentonians as possible.

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McKenna Samson – Editor

McKenna Samson is a Sophomore at The College of New Jersey, where she studies English. McKenna serves as an Editor on The Streetlight where she writes and reviews articles covering the stories of those experiencing homelessness and organizations willing to provide resources. She hopes to become more involved with The Streetlight and to improve her skills as a writer to be the voice of those in the Trenton and Mercer County communities.

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Joshua Trifari – Editor

Joshua Trifari is a Sophomore at The College of New Jersey where he studies music and history. Joshua is passionate about the culture of local communities and understanding the causes of issues. He hopes to shed light on issues facing the Trenton community with regards to homelessness and to delve into possible solutions to these issues.

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Hannah Keyes – Editor

Hannah Keyes is a Freshman at The College of New Jersey where she studies Elementary Education and Psychology. Hannah has a desire to become an active and influential writer for The Streetlight, someone who is able to effectively convey the voices of those who are not always heard. She hopes to help individuals experiencing homelessness by giving them a platform to express themselves.    

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Administrative Staff

Dr. Stephanie Shanklin

Dr. Stephanie Shanklin is the Director of the Bonner Institute for Civic and Community Engagement at The College of New Jersey’s Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research.

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Raj Manimaran

Raj Manimaran is a Community Engaged Learning coordinator at The College of New Jersey’s Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research. He is a former editor of The Wall, The Streetlight‘s predecessor.

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Teressa Price

Teressa Price is a coordinator of Bonner Community Scholars at The College of New Jersey’s Center for Community Engaged Learning and Research.

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Editorial Review Board

Note: In addition to The Streetlight‘s staff members, the Editorial Review Board is made up of the community leaders and representatives from The College of New Jersey. For the Winter 2018-19 issue, the Editorial Review Board included:

  • Nina Ringer, Director of Writing, TCNJ
  • Karen Deaver, TCNJ Instructor
  • Janet Mazur, TCNJ Instructor
  • Kim Pearson, TCNJ Instructor
  • Donna Shaw, TCNJ Instructor
  • Frank Cirillo, Mercer Alliance to End Homelessness
  • Regan Mumolie, Rescue Mission of Trenton
  • Jamie Parker, Trenton Area Soup Kitchen
  • Essence B. Scott, Streetlight Columnist

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